Dancing in the Park

SUCH a sweetheart. This adorable little 4-year-old was vacationing with her mom in LA, so we had a special photo shoot at Griffith Observatory. She danced and smiled her way through the whole shoot! I have to say, most of the effort of our child portraits & family photography sessions goes into making kids play and feel natural and be themselves. Those are the best shots anyway. When they’re being themselves. Laughing, playing, or in this case dancing, and just being a kid. That’s what it’s all about.

Playing the peeking game.

Consider yourselves lucky that you can’t hear my baby voice right now. I admittedly have one of the most intense baby voices of all time. I replace “l”s with “w”s and I shreik out my vowels like my feet are on fire. Keith becomes Keeeeeith! I’m ridiculous and I’ve actually scared dogs. And photographing this cute kid made me talk all funny like that. But seriously, isn’t she cuuu-uuuuute?



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