More o’ the Keltners…

So the Keltners have sort of become our guinea pigs. They’re easy to work with, and their two little girls are friggin’ adorable.

If you know Kelty, you know this photo above is SO her.
This is baby Kree at 5 weeks.
This photo is a perfect representation Ajax & Ollie’s entire relationship. 
Kelty asked me to photograph these little erasers she was playing with. Maybe she’s got the photo bug.
When I work with young kids, I like to play around with them to get them to open up to the camera and be themselves. Kelty and I were playing house and we pretended it was raining outside (hence the hood). These photos are some of my favorite from this set. 
When I came over to photograph, Kelty immediately pulled me aside to show me her “friend” in the garden. I told her he will some day become a pretty butterfly, and she went from being scared to petting him!
Couple more of the “raining” shots.
Settling in for the night.

I love photographing this little family and look forward to documenting the girls as they grow up! Check out Kree’s portraits.

And Amber’s maternity photos (That’s Kree in her belly).

by Megan

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Kathryn - June 1, 2011 - 3:46 pm

These are freakin’ fantastic!!! Love it. That first picture made me laugh out loud. I think my favorite is the picture of Kelty jumping. They’re all completely wonderful though. YOu really did a great job of capturing them. <3

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