Meet Evelyn…

So it’s standard procedure to tell the parents how to prep for a baby photo shoot, and one of the steps is to turn the heat up a bit higher so the baby feels snuggly and warm while we take pictures. So I asked Evelyn’s mom if she could turn the heat up and she just laughed. She said, “Yeah, we don’t have a heater.” So I said no problem! We’ll figure it out when we get there and I drove on over to their house.

HOLY COW. When I stepped out of my car, it was like being blasted with heat as you open the oven. It was like a hundred degrees in that part of town! I went inside her house and laughed at myself when I realized it was easily in the upper 80′s inside, yeah… no heater necessary.

That little bow on her wrist is the tattoo she got for Evelyn after she was born. SO cute when she holds her, she’s like a perfect little present.

by Megan

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love the first high key images. great stuff!

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