Camping in Colorado

We’ve been away in Colorado for the past week. Keith and I took a camping trip up to 8,500 ft to see the aspen trees change colors. Their leaves turn a vibrant golden yellow in the fall, and when the sunlight is behind them, they just glow. Aspen trees are connected by their roots underground, so when they turn colors, entire mountainsides turn all at once, because it’s really just all one tree. I once heard the largest living organism on earth is an aspen grove in Colorado. Their leaves flutter in the wind and sound almost like raindrops on a canvas. It’s so relaxing to sit by the campfire and listen to the wind rustle the aspen leaves in waves down the mountainside.

These wild turkeys kept wandering through our camp site. mmm… Thanksgiving.
That’s the view from our campsite.
Fun coal train in Cripple Creek. 
Happy us!

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