Painting in Laguna

I was fortunate enough to photograph my aunt, Lisa Mounteer Watson, painting last weekend in Laguna Beach, California.  We all had so much fun, too much wine, and laughed too long.

Lisa set up her makeshift studio in the garden of her beach house and propped her canvas up against the rare black bamboo, used a chair as her table, and left-over cardboard for her painting palette.

Lisa always tries to capture the spirit of the place she’s painting.  In Laguna, I wasn’t surprised to see more muted colors and flowing shapes that reminded me of the cool morning fog and the coy pond in the garden. I caught her in the beginning of this painting, but I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished.
I love it when people goof off while they’re having their picture taken and this “photo shoot” was no exception.  She started making fun of all the pretentious artists by dancing around the garden with her nose in the air, and leaping like a fairy spouting out big, ridiculous words to justify her painting.  In the end, her paintings are alway a work of self-reflection and of her picking up the energy around her.


For more about Lisa’s work, see her website HERE, and her blog HERE.

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