Scott & Barbara

This Santa Barbara wedding was SO beautiful. Not because the flowers were a perfect blend of beachy-fresh, and the weather was perfect. Not because the bride’s fluttery dress combined with the soft ocean breezes of Santa Barbara made the her look like some kind of ephemeral goddess. Not because the string lights and hundreds of candles glowed into the evening and twinkled in the moonlight. No. This wedding was beautiful because it was about LOVE & FAMILY.

These pictures are about two families combining into one, and the love & support every single person at the wedding (including Keith and I) have for this couple. People from both sides of the family came together and gave a little bit of what they could for this wedding. Whether it was food, drinks, music, flowers, officiating, photography, or just their presence and love, it was really about showing their support in the uniting of these two beautiful people.

The couple dedicated the song, Just Breathe, to the bride’s late brother, Michael, during the ceremony. Their friend played acoustic guitar and sang the beautiful song, while the couple bowed their heads and listened. Everyone’s thoughts went to Michael. But the most bizarre thing happened after that. After the wedding was over and Keith and I returned to LA, I was editing their wedding photos, and a song came on Pandora, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. At that moment I realized how perfectly that song went with these photos. So I decided right then and there to buy the song and put a slideshow together (my first one). When I showed the slideshow to the bride’s family, they burst into tears. It turns out that Michael used to DJ for a radio station in Santa Barbara. He would play this song at the end of every set and he always dedicated it to his family. It gives me the warm fuzzies, because I just know this slideshow is his gift to his family.  I never just up and buy songs after hearing them on Pandora, and out of all the millions of songs on the planet, that was the very first song that came on that day. So I just love how close this family is, and that Michael is still working in all their lives.

Barbara & Scott’s Wedding from Keith & Megan Blaine on Vimeo.


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